Imagine what it could be, and then Plan on it becoming a Reality.

Thank you for visiting. Hopefully you’ve arrived here because you’ve already visited my informational website, olympicnationalparkvisitor.info. If that’s the case, please read-on. If not, please go to that site to learn about the Park, and then return to this page and consider my exceptional offer to help you plan your visit to the Park.

Planning any vacation elicits powerful images of a wonderful place, and your visit there being worthy of the time and expense you’ve invested. If the image doesn’t match your memory, after you’ve returned home, unfortunately it’s too late to revise the trip. The time to revise the trip is right now, before you leave home. It’s planning not wishing that potentiates success. The more you know before you go the better the experience.

Olympicnationalparkvisitor.info took three years to build. I built it so that visitors could have access to as much useful information about the Park as possible in a single web site. If that satisfied your needs, we’re both rewarded and we’ve both achieved our goals.

If you want my help in planning your visit to the Park, I’m at your service again. This web site is intended to provide you customized service that is inexpensive, highly accurate and simply can’t be found anywhere else. It cost $10.95, and results in me applying my life’s knowledge, research and experience – in and around the Park – to your desires and timeframe. I’ll assist you in refining your image and help you plan so it comes as close to reality as possible.

What You Get for $10.95

  • Customized information based on your preferences in the time frame of your choosing. Remember that while some elements of the Park are always available many more are very time specific, even within a season.
  • My suggestions regarding the timing of your visit.
  • My tips as to when, where and how to optimize your chance of successfully meeting your expectations.
  • My insights and estimates, to help prepare and equip you with the knowledge necessary to increase the likelihood of achieving your desires. Remember that those who possess the most accurate information are those who return from the experience most satisfied.
  • Long- and short-term weather predictions including a weather prediction tailored to your planned activities within 3-7 days prior to your arrival at the Park.
  • A list of alternative activities which will provide you the greatest degree of flexibility in the face of unexpected conditions or circumstances.

How You Get It

  1. Before you pay anything, send me email* and we’ll correspond back and forth, discuss the possibilities, refining what you want to do and decide together if my service can raise your chance of success.

    NOTE: If you click the PayPal Buy Now button (as stated in the next step) without first exchanging email with me, I won’t be able to easily reach you because I will end up with only your snail mail address. So please be sure to email me before you click the PayPal Buy Now button.

  2. If you choose to use the service—and have sent at least one email to me—then you can click the PayPal Buy Now button and complete the requested information.
  3. When I receive notification of your payment, I’ll respond with an e-mail that asks you to answer to some generic questions, such as: When do you want to visit? What are you interested in doing? How energetic do you plan on being? and Are you adverse to certain weather conditions?
  4. We’ll continue to correspond shifting, ordering, and refining expectations and information. Then at some point you’ll have what you want or I’ll have exhausted my base of information.
  5. (optional for you) An opportunity to review the service at the end of your visit.

I aim to please. However, if you are dissatisfied with what I have to offer or I’m not in a position to effectively meet your expectations, I’ll gladly refund your $10.95 service fee.

What You Don’t Get

  • I don’t make travel arrangements or reservations of any kind.
  • I won’t recommend services that I wouldn’t use or recommend to my neighbors. You’ll find very few named businesses on my web sites and I neither give nor get compensation, in any form, from those I name.
  • I can’t be responsible for acts of nature that impact the planning we’ve engaged in. For the most part the Park is a wilderness and sometimes wild things happen.

Finally, whether or not you opt for my service, my wish for you and yours is that your trip to Olympic National Park matches the true wonderment of what it has to offer.

* I will not share your information with any person, subscription service, distribution list or organization.

Be Well.
~Tim Paschal
Email: ONPV@olympus.net

Please be advised that I can also be contacted via the form on the
Contact Info page on olympicnationalparkvisitor.info